We want to thank you for the circumcision you carried out on our son recently. Dr Shafii has been very supportive and caring throughout and aftercare was fantastic. We were directed to your centre by friends who have used you before. Once again thank you Dr Shafii.

Habbie and Ousman

Mussa is my first child and naturally I was feeling very apprehensive and nervous about the circumcision. Dr Mahboob Shafii answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. The service provided was excellent and I felt genuine kindness from Dr Shafii and his staff throughout the whole process. Dr Shafii instigated contact with myself after the surgery to detemine that Mussa was well and he has fully recovered. I would sincerely not have any hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dr Shaffi and the Birmingham Circumcision Clinic to family members and friends. Furthermore, Dr Shafii is one of the most humble and kindest people that I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Asif Ali

Very good and convenient service, from the obtaining of the appointment to the performance of the operation. Dr Shafi was able to arrange an appointment and was flexible and understanding enough to be able to re-arrange his timetable to suit our needs.

The procedure itself was quick smooth and showed great dexterity and good hand which made the entire procedure painless and smooth. The after care and concern was faultless and would recommend his services to any parent.

Osama Daneshyar, Barrister at Law

I would like to thank you for carrying out the circumcision procedure on our second son.

Before the procedure, both my husband and I were naturally extremely nervous about the circumcision and the pain our three week old would feel; although we had gone through this with our first son a couple years before! Nevertheless, it is hard for parents to see their little children experience any pain.

You carried out the procedure in a matter of minutes with the help of your HCA's. Amongst you all, you helped make me feel at ease and took care of my son.

Even after the procedure, you provided excellent after care by promptly responding to all of my queries, no matter how big or small, assuring me that my questions were welcome.

The circumcision has healed extremely well; it actually healed completely within 10 days.

As mentioned to you before, I would undoubtedly recommend your service to others.

Again, thanking you for your service.

Mr and Mrs Rashid

Just like to really thank you in regards to the excellent service you and your staff provided us for the circumcision of my son Abdullah Habeeb.

I was really impressed with the outstanding level of communication throughout the process and the high level of sensitivity and care showed by yourself and members of staff. This allowed us to stay calm and composed, knowing that our son was under the supervision of highly qualified and expert staff.

In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on the excellent after care you provided and I really appreciated your prompt response to my text in regards to the concern I had a few days after the circumcision.

Thank you again for all your help and care.

Sarah Bismillah