Circumcision for Babies

Fees Table
Age Group Deposit Balance Total Fee
Under 12 weeks £80 £80 £160

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Circumcision in Babies

There is no minimum age limit before a baby can be circumcised. Our youngest patient has been 4 days old. We follow the World Health Organisation guideline that states that the baby must weigh more than 2.5kg (5.5 pounds) in order for the circumcision to be carried out. So as long as your baby weighs more than 2.5kg and has no contra-indications for circumcision, then it is safe for him to undergo the procedure.

Further Information on Circumcisions in Babies under 3 Months of Age

Please visit “Your Complete Guide” page for further important and relevant details and advice that pertain to all age groups undergoing a circumcision.

Testimonials and Comments from Parents of Babies Circumcised at Modality Circumcision Service.

"We attended Modality Circumcision Service with our 2 month old son. We were impressed with the clinic facilities, the staff appeared to be following good health and safety regulations. We did not have to wait long at all and were dealt with in a professional and courteous manner. Our questions were answered and Dr Shafii clearly went through the aftercare procedure. You guys were excellent."

Ismail Hussain – Oxford

Very happy with the whole services provided by Dr Shafii and the team, would gladly recommend this services

Father of 5 week old       


Very happy with everything and service provided was recommended by his friend to use us,  who has already used the service.

Mrs Yavari (Mother of 13 week old baby) May 2018

happy with the service - no concerns re aftercare. keep up good work

Father of  4 week old


Our Testimonials

Very informative appointment. Doctor was very reassuring throughout the procedure and aftercare.

Mohammed Kawsar

Our Testimonials

Brilliant service done in a correct and sterile manner. Thank you. Very Professional

Shoheed Walji

Our Testimonials

Very good clinic, very clean and good service to patients

Mushtaq Subhani

Our Testimonials

I am very happy how all things given and progress. Very helpful people from nurse to doctor. Thank you very much, please keep up the hard work


Our Testimonials

Very nice respectful doctor that invites you to a calm atmosphere where you are relaxed and the procedure is carried out

Mr Safdar

Our Testimonials

Simple and to the point. Great Service


Our Testimonials

Our initial concerns were over as soon as the surgeon explained, the simple pain free procedure - very caring!

Mr Showeb

Our Testimonials

Service was very quick, doctor explained everything very well. Very pleased and would recommend, the staff were very polite and took care from the time we came in to the time we finished.

Mr Haq

Our Testimonials

I am very happy, excellent job. Thank you for all your team and especially for you Doctor. Excellent Job

Arian Sayed

Our Testimonials

Really pleased with everything, from getting an appointment to the surgery itself, everything ran smoothly. What a team of professionals!

Paul Maya

Our Testimonials

An excellent service all round. Highly recommended

Amjid Riaz

Our Testimonials

Very friendly staff

Kweku Anan

Our Testimonials

Second vist - Excellent service once again, no problems made to feel at ease. Defo recommend 5*

Mohammed Farooq Salim

Our Testimonials

Excellent service given, well explained procedure. Very polite, aftercare explained in detail.

Master Family

Our Testimonials

We are satisfied with the service from booking to the circumcision.

Mr & Mrs Emmanuel E. Anike

Our Testimonials

"Very happy with the service provided, will certainly recommend to others".

Jess and Dean Priddy

Our Testimonials

"Everything explained well. Felt reassured as a parent. Procedure was quick.


Our Testimonials

They allowed me to see the whole process as done to my child. I was also given the chance to ask any questions. Well Done!


Our Testimonials

Good afternoon Dr Shafi, we came to see you last Thursday. My son Danyal was circumcised by you. I have to say a HUGE thank you as mashAllah he felt no pain all week and today the plastic ring has fallen off. You did a fabulous job mashAllah! My husband and I are very grateful. Thank you. Danyals mummy ☺️

Sumeya and Hythan

Our Testimonials

The appointment was the first one available. The service I received was absolutely first class.

Adult - December 2016

Our Testimonials

Very clear instructions for after care and procedure was carried out beautifully. Thank you

Father of Baby Younus

Our Testimonials

Very clear and professional - Dr Shafii was excellent

Mr Iqbal

Our Testimonials

Thank you for the excellent service to Dr Shafii and his team. Regards

Moshahid from Kidderminster

Our Testimonials

Dr Shafii and his team were very professional in their approach. Procedure was performed very professionally. After care provided, would recommend.


Our Testimonials

"I feel satisfied with what I saw and will be coming back with my second son."

Charlie Taslim and Family

Our Testimonials

Very good service, great level of information before, during and after. Thank you very much.

Lucy and Nathan from Shrewsbury

Our Testimonials

"We want to thank you for the circumcision you carried out on our son recently. Dr Shafii has been very supportive and caring throughout and aftercare was fantastic..."

Habbie and Ousman

Our Testimonials

"Mussa is my first child and naturally I was feeling very apprehensive and nervous about the circumcision. Dr Mahboob Shafii answered all my questions and put my mind at ease..."

Asif Ali

Our Testimonials

"Very good and convenient service, from the obtaining of the appointment to the performance of the operation. Dr Shafi was able to arrange an appointment and was flexible..."

Osama Daneshyar

Our Testimonials

"I would like to thank you for your carrying out the circumcision procedure on our second son. Before the procedure, both my husband and I were naturally extremely nervous... "

Mr and Mrs Rashid

Our Testimonials

"Just like to really thank you in regards to the excellent service you and your staff provided us for the circumcision of my son Abdullah Habeeb. I was really impressed with..."

Sarah Bismillah

Our Testimonials

Fantastic service. The doctor and nurse were very helpful. Good explanation post procedure. Very impressed that a mobile contact number has been given. Very re-assuring. Thank you!

Shafiq Rafiq

Our Testimonials

Compared to another clinic I used previously, this one is much better and I would definately recommend it. It was very well organised.

Parent of Baby under the Free NHS Service.

Our Testimonials

Very good service, no waiting around.

Callum - Adult

Our Testimonials

I would not hesitate in recommending the clinic to a friend or relative. I appreciate the good service.

J.A - Father of Baby

Our Testimonials

Staff are helpful and accomodating - equally the doctor who did the procedure

April 2017

Our Testimonials

We were very happy with the circumcision procedure. The doctor was very professional and explained the aftercare and was happy to answer our questions. Thank you

Aisha Ali

Our Testimonials

Brilliant service from all the staff, no waiting, quick, helpful handling of the baby. Would recommend this centre all day long! Communication, english clearly spoken, great service.

Mr Ali Khan

Our Testimonials

Fantastic service - Many thanks

A.M. Ghafoori

Our Testimonials

Excellent service. Staff are very helpful and caring. Would recommend to others.

Adult procedure June 2017

Our Testimonials

Excellent service from start to finish of procedure.

Mr Anslow - Adult Circumcision

Our Testimonials

The team were patient and calm eventhough we were late. Dr Shafii was calm and explained what he wanted from us and the aftercare in a clear and concise manner. Thanks for the prescription and contact numbers

June 2017

Our Testimonials

The doctor was very polite, very swift, my son was very comfortable, the reception staff were very friendly and welcoming. The nurse was polite and caring.

Namaan Nawaz

Our Testimonials

Very good service, gave us all the relevant information. Put both parents at ease, excellent service


Our Testimonials

Dr Shafi and nurse Yasmin were excellent carrying out our sons circumcision. We are very happy with the service we received and will recommend this service to others

Parent of Sami
circumcision for babies