Circumcision Styles For Adults

For uncircumcised adult men that are curious about circumcision, one area of uncertainty is often around the types and styles of circumcision that produce different results. The style of circumcision chosen is based on a man’s preferences, whilst each person’s individual anatomy will also be considered by the doctor as this will affect the outcome of the procedure. 

Before performing the circumcision, the doctor will discuss the different circumcision styles in order to ensure the patient has realistic expectations and can make the most suitable choice.

Adult Circumcision Styles Explained

There are a number of ways that doctors can circumcise an adult male, and each different style achieves a different result. Circumcision styles differ based on the position of the cut (how much skin is removed) and their tightness.

High or low circumcision

The concept of how high or low is based on the position of the scar line from the groove (sulcus) of the head of the penis (glans), as well as how much of the inner or outer skin is removed.

A common misconception is that high and low are in relation to the base of the penis, however, in actuality, the concept is the opposite. A high circumcision means that the scar line is further away from the head of the penis, so more outer skin is cut off, leaving a long inner skin. The low circumcision style means that the scar line is closer to the glans, whilst more inner skin is removed.

High or low styles are not suitable or safe for all men. A scar too close to the base of the penis is not recommended as it leaves too much inner foreskin exposed, which can lead to swelling as a result of lymphatic drainage. Another effect is that over time, the inner skin stretches to become a loose fold of skin, so the results are unsatisfactory in the long term.

Tight or loose circumcision

The tightness or looseness of the circumcision style depends on factors including how much of the foreskin is removed in total, along with the attachment of the skin at the base of the penis, and the mobility of the penile shaft skin. 

In some cases, tightness of skin is not possible as a result of the loose attachment of skin at the base of the penis – this can be congenital, or as a result of the ageing process. Tight circumcision is also not possible for men who experience a considerable difference in size between their flaccid and erect penis.

Methods of circumcision

  • High and tight – a high and tight circumcision means that the scar line is placed closer to the middle of the shaft, so more of the foreskin is surgically removed. The skin will also be tighter when the penis is erect.
  • High and loose – a high and loose circumcision features a scar line that is closer to the middle and the shaft and further from the glans. Less of the foreskin is removed, so the skin will be looser when the penis is erect.
  • Low and tight – a low and tight circumcision places the scar line closer to the glans. As with a high and tight circumcision, the skin will be tighter during an erection.
  • Low and loose – a low and loose circumcision features a scar line closer to the glans, however, less of the foreskin will be removed than with a low and tight circumcision. 

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